FOB: California

Design of utmost performance modular, NTC series provides the best solution in diverse complex machining. To meet various demands from customers, Y-axis and sub-spindle are flexible to be chosen. We also offer different types of turrets and tailstock for increasing production efficiency.

Featuring multiple valuable functionality, NTC series is suitable for applications in IT electronics, automotive and machinery parts.

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Superb Base Structure

  • 30°One-piece Slanted Bed Design : Extends the space for chips removal.
  • Cross type ribs inside the base design provides the best rigidity. Durable Meehanite casting is adopted to simulate the structural deformation of the body under various conditions, integrated with YCM hand scrapping skills for box guideways, which ensures the best accuracy and lifetime. (Figure 1)
  • X/Z-axis boxway design with wear-resistant pad strengthens rigidity and damping capacity for reducing vibration. (Figure 2)

High Precision Spindle

  • Hole through draw bar for bars of Ø65mm (8″) & Ø51mm (6″)
  • The spindle is equipped with position encoder to detect speed and correct position. (Figure 1)
  • With milling function spindle, the indexing accuracy is up to 0.001°. (Figure 2)

High Performance Y-axis Complex Machining

  • Integrated Y-axis function with live tooling turret for X, Y, Z feeding, which is best for complex machining. The orthogonal Y-axis is designed for maintaining machining accuracy.

Modularized Design for Tailstock and Sub Spindle

  • Except for standard manual tailstock, programmable tailstock and servo tailstock are available.