HE&M Saw

HE&M Saw manufactures more than 70 different models of production band saws for the metalworking industry. Our product line includes vertical, horizontal, plate and double column saws with capacities ranging from 12” x 12” to 80” x 80” machines. Automatic material handling tables and other time-saving features are available as options.

While HE&M Saw’s primary focus is designing and building band saws for the metal cutting industry, we also manufacture many “special” machines for applications that vary from saws designed to cut laboratory crystals to advanced composites to huge billets of nickel alloy used to make coins.

HE&M Saws are in operation all over the world, where we are known for quality and durability and continue to lead the industry in new saw technology. We are revolutionizing the band saw industry with more patented innovations than any other manufacturer. Innovations such as our Blade Enhancers, Cut Watcher, multi-guide arm saws, full stroking stacking clamps and computer controlled saws make HE&M Saw the industry leader.

From our original patent on bar-feed systems to the remarkable technological advances we are making today, such as the programmable Computer Controlled Traverse system used on our large double-column saws and moving plate and moving arm plate saws, HE&M Saw leads the way.

And we’re just as proud of our old saws as we are of our new saws. Just try to buy an older HE&M Saw. It’s hard to find a used one because our customers keep them operating, month after month, year after year. Most of our old saws are still in operation and their original installations and still doing a great job. Our old saws are the best reason you should take a look at a new HE&M Saw.

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