My grandfather started our factory in Taiwan in 1949. To this day, his three key principles to making a great lathe hold true: superior design, top quality materials, and building as much as you can in house. At the heart of our lathes are high-quality castings forged from the best materials at the top foundry in Taiwan. We build our headstocks and gearboxes in house. We grind all our bedways up to 280” in house and employ the best master hand scrapers to finish every carriage and bedway that ends up on your floor. And the Kingston design? It remains a classic.

My father founded Kingston North America in 1976. He believed that excellent service and good parts availability were just as important as the machines themselves. Service begins at our Huntington Beach facility, where each machine is rigorously tested and run for over 8 hours before it ships. It continues with strong technical support from our dealers and Kingston engineers. And we stock thousands of parts to service all of our machines, old and new. Our customers are important to us!

My mission is to take my grandfather’s passion for quality and my father’s strong commitment to service and carry these values forward. Kingston heavy-duty engine lathes, CNCs, and mills have a hard-earned reputation for durability and reliability, and that reputation is something I’m unwilling to compromise. What does this mean for you? It means we have had a consistent product for over 40 years. We aren’t jumping from factory to factory to find the cheapest supplier. We are the industry leader in our class and we make machines that refuse to quit.

– Karen Lin
Kingston Machine Tool

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