Chemtool Incorporated is one of the largest manufacturers and custom formulators of lubricants and specialty products in the world.

Chemtool’s Corporate Technology Center is located in Rockton, Illinois. Our headquarters is supported by a large Research and Development team with highly qualified chemists, biologists, and technical specialists. This R&D team excels in finding best-in-class solutions for complex design and performance engineering problems. We pride ourselves on the experience, talent and innovation we continue to provide our customers since 1963. We have some of the largest grease reactors in the world, providing us with unparalleled capacity to fulfill our customers’ needs. Specialty products from Chemtool Incorporated have been extremely successful in various production operations, helping each to run smoother and more economically. A number of these specialty products are engineered to be environmentally safe and recyclable to further reduce usage, disposal and overall costs. The technologies and services we provide are solutions to problems that improve performance, extend service life, provide process improvements and reduce the overall cost of running your facility.